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Heartbroken to inform you of Cindy Heenan’s unexpected death on July 18, 2022. She was the wife of the wife of WWE Hall of Famer Bobby Heenan. No cause of death has been revealed.

Mike Tenay announced: “Sorry to report the passing of Cindy Heenan, an incredible wife, mother, and grandmother. Her devotion and support for Bobby were unparalleled. Survived by daughter Jess, son-in-law John, and grandkids Austin and Hannah. Our times with them were the happiest and most memorable.”

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As many of you may already know, Bobby Heenan was known as a successful wrestling manager, color commentator, wrestler, and also comedian.

Born on November 1, 1944, he started in the wrestling profession early on as a fan of wrestling growing up in Chicago and Indianapolis, carrying bags and jackets for the wrestlers, and selling refreshments at events.

Under the ring name Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, he performed with:

  • The American Wrestling Association,
  • The World Wrestling Federation,
  • World Championship Wrestling

Cindy Heenan’s Sudden Death Five Years After His Husband’s Passing

Not a lot has been shared about Cindy Heenan’s death. No sign of deadly diseases or health issues was found in the background, yet.

Sadly, we lost the legend, Bobby Heenan, at the age of 72 as he was surrounded by family at his home in Largo, Florida, on September 18, 2017. He passed away from organ failure due to complications from throat cancer that had been in remission since 2004.

May they both rest in peace. 🕊 Please keep their family and friends in your prayer.

Mack Rawden commended: “Bobby The Brain Heenan is, at least to me, the greatest manager and maybe the greatest broadcaster in the history of wrestling. RIP to his wife Cindy and the entire Heenan family.”

Another expressed: “ Cindy Heenan’s passing reminded me of a great PTW. They were doing a remote at Busch Gardens in Tampa, and Cindy and his daughter showed up as Gorilla’s “fans”. The Brain read them the riot act, then his daughter stomped on his foot and called him “WEASEL!!!” RIP Cindy & Bobby.”

Bobby Heenan’s Health Issues

He announced that he had throat cancer in January 2002. The cancer had gone into remission about two years later. The treatments led to a great deal of weight loss and dramatically affected his appearance and voice.

After his first unsuccessful surgery, Mr. Heenan had reconstructive surgery on his jaw in December 2007. He was slowly brought out after being placed in a medically induced coma.

He had come out of his medically induced coma in the second half of January 2008. Sadly, the wrestler was unable to speak and had to communicate with his eyes for a time.

After an examination of his rebuilt jaw found an infection that needed to be treated, Mr. Heenan was hospitalized in December 2009. As it’s told, he was battling with a series of falls in the last few years of his life.

Noted, he broke a hip and his shoulder in a fall, not to mention fracturing his pelvis. Also, in April 2014, he fell out of bed and broke a shoulder. About two years later, he fell again and broke a hip.

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