Winter Park’s Fight Over not Wearing Face Mask, Breaking Bones

3 min readSep 14, 2020

Winter Park’s fight over not wearing a face mask ended with breaking bones and arrestment. Police in Winter Park, Florida, announced that they have arrested a man who attacked a 70-year-old man. The suspect is identified as Rovester Ingram, 24.

A man kicked and spot a 70-year-old man in Florida
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As seen on the monitoring video, there was an assault at a local Citgo gas station. According to the Florida police, the 70-year-old victim had asked the suspect, who was not wearing a face mask, to step away.

Rovester Ingram followed the man outside the Citgo and punched him as the victim attempted to escape by re-entering the store. The offender followed him back in, punched, and kicked him. He pushed the 70-year-old to the ground, continue hitting him.

He caught the man by the hair, dragged him out of the store onto a parking space, and continued punching him while the victim was pron, then spat on him and kicked him in the head.

The 70-year-old is described as suffering serious injuries, such as broken bones. Cops said they identified Rovester Ingram from the security footage, and they arrested him without incident at his home.

Winter Park’s fight with breaking bones and spotting

Rovester Ingram remains at the Orange County Jail on a kidnapping count with intent to harm or terrorize, and aggravated battery involving great bodily harm on a person older than 65. Records show a local public defender’s office is representing him.

About one month ago, a BurgerKing customer shot and killed a delayed worker in Florida. The Burger King employee has died after a being shot by a man frustrated at how long it took to make a woman’s order.

While employees were answering customers’ orders, a woman became angry after waiting in the drive-thru for longer than usual. She got out of her car and yelled she would have “her man” come to the restaurant to sort out the problem after she was paid her USD$40 (NZD$60) and told to leave.

The woman left before returning in a white truck with a 37-year-old man, Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes, ordering the employee to fight him. The man held Joshua in a headlock and started choking him, only stopping when a witness interrupted, according to video footage at the scene.

Rodriquez-Tormes then went to his truck and got a gun which he threatened Joshua with, reportedly saying “you got two seconds before I shoot you,” before firing his weapon. After a moment BurgerKing customer shot and left the scene with the black sedan.

Joshua was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died. Police arrested and charged Rodriguez-Tormes with murder.

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