What We Know About Famed DJ Erick Morillo’s Death Cause

DJ Erick Morillo’s death cause was not released after his dead body was found at his home in Miami Beach
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Is Erick Morillo’s death cause elated to his arrestment?

News of DJ Erick Morillo’s death came just a few weeks after he was arrested in Miami in charge of sexual battery.

Reactions to Erick Morillo’s death

Tributes messages have started for the musician, when Jersey Shore star DJ Pauly D tweeted: ‘Sad News 🙁 A True Legend. Erick Morillo RIP.’

Who was Erick Morillo?

Morillo was born on March 26, 1971 in New York but whose family was from Colombia. He was a famous DJ, music producer, and also record label owner.



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