US Rapper, FBG Duck Shot and Killed in Gold Coast, Chicago

2 min readAug 6, 2020


US rapper, FBG Duck, shot and killed in Gold Coast, Chicago by four gunmen during a drive-by shooting, August 4, 2020.

FBG Duck shot along Gold Coast of Chicago

The 26-year-old upcoming American rapper has been killed during the incident in Chicago, which happened in broad daylight.

The shocking moment was captured on camera while FBG was seen lying on the ground, still moving in front of a parked car.

A Chicago Police Department spokesperson confirmed that at around 4.37 pm local time, three people were shopping before a number of people moved out of a car and opened fire, with a woman and man also shot in the incident.

The woman was in one of the vehicles parked outside one of the stores. Both male and female, are in serious condition.

According to police, four people exited the vehicles, two from each car, and started firing at the individuals who were on the sidewalk outside one of the stores. There were multiple shots and four shooters.

It is reported that the area contains a string of luxury stores, some of them selling high-end jewelry and one of the shooters’ vehicles was black Taurus and the other was a silver Chrysler.

Witnesses at the scene heard several gunshots after two people got caught up in an argument. One witness said: “I saw a guy in the black pull out a gun and he shot at the dude with the white shirt. And they both ran the guy he was shooting at ran to the left, and the guy who was doing the shooting ran that way; ran towards Michigan Avenue.”

FBG Duck shot and killed in the second assassination attempt

This is the second time that FBG had been shot, after was hit in his shoulder back in June 2018.

The rapper is a reportedly a popular figure in the underground Chicago rap scene and is best known for his single ‘Slide.’

He has courted controversy before on social media when he had public beef with rival rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine with the two trading threats during the argument.

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