UAB Football Player Shot and Killed Suspiciously in Gadsden

2 min readAug 14, 2020


Freshman UAB football player shot and killed suspiciously in Gadsden, Alabama, Thursday night.

19-year-old Allen Merrick, joined the UAB football team this summer. He was visiting a home in Gadsden when he was shot.

UAB coach, Bill Clark, released a statement asking people to pray for Merrick while he was in the hospital:
“Please pray for the family of Allen Merrick, a young man who joined our UAB Football Family this season. Allen was visiting home in Gadsden yesterday when he suffered a gunshot wound. He is at UAB Hospital where I’ve been with Allen’s family, but I do not have a condition I can share at this time. I ask that everyone please respect his family’s privacy and keep them all in your prayers.”

Allen Merrick died Friday morning from a suspicious gunshot wound. Gadsden Police said the shooting seems to be accidental but there is no clue to show the reality and the investigation is ongoing.

UAB football player shot after recently joining UAB team

Merrick played in the high school football team in Gadsden and was named Gadsden City’s Defensive Player of the Year 2019 and also played in the Alabama-Mississippi all-star game.

According to the 247Sports composite, at the time he signed, he was the 37th-ranked player in Alabama and the №41 inside linebacker in the country.

ESPN rated him as a three-star prospect coming out of Gadsden High School. Merrick is the second UAB football player who dies this year. Safety Jamari Smith had drowned in a lake, May.

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