Three People Beat Vanessa Tijerina in Raymondville Texas Hotel

2 min readDec 29, 2020

Three people beat the Republican State Senate candidate, Vanessa Tijerina in Raymondville Texas Hotel!

All of them have been charged with a brutal beating of a former Republican State Senate candidate on Christmas Eve.

Vanessa Tijerina said that she was seduced to a Texas Inn, on Frontage road, by a woman with a “black bra.”

The woman who Tijerina identified as Amanda Salinas, said she needed to tell the former candidate “something significant regarding her safety.”

Then, three people started to beat her, according to Tijerina. Police confirmed that Amanda Salinas, Ariel Vera, and Raymond Santana were arrested.

The former Republican State Senate candidate said a person gave orders over the phone, and that person has not been arrested yet.

However, this report has not been confirmed by Police, and Police have not determined any motive.

Vanessa Tijerina in Raymondville Texas Hotel was Beaten

She showed bruises and swelling on her face in a Facebook broadcast posted hours after the attack and said that “somebody wanted this done to my face.”

“I was called to a location. They made it seem like they had something really, really important to tell me, and they couldn’t tell me on the phone, and so I had to drive to them.”

She added that she didn’t fight back because if she fought back, it was going to go worse for her, and “I probably wouldn’t survive, and I needed to survive for my daughters.”

In another Facebook Live shortly after the arrests on Tuesday, the former GOP candidate appreciated Police for their works, said her injuries were healing, and said she was sure another arrest would follow.

She claimed that the one who is missing from arrests is the person who was giving the torture orders. That person still has not to be found or identified yet.

In November, Vanessa Tijerina, 42, ran for election to the Texas State Senate and has previously run for Congress.

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