Steve Easterbrook Sued by McDonald Over Sexual Relationship

2 min readAug 10, 2020


What a surprising scandal! Steve Easterbrook sued by McDonald Monday over destroying evidence of three physical sexual relationships with employees.

Steve Easterbrook sued by McDonald Monday over destroying evidence of sexual relationships with employees
The New York Times

Former McDonald‘s CEO Steve Easterbrook who board fired him last November over a separate relationship with a subordinate after he lied to the board about the extent of his relationships with employees sued by the company in a new lawsuit.

Easterbrook, according to the lawsuit which filed on Monday, approved a special grant of restricted stock, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to one of those employees.

Steve Easterbrook Sued by McDonald in a new lawsuit

“Recently identified evidence shows that Easterbrook had physical sexual relationships with three McDonald’s employees in the year before his termination; that he approved an extraordinary stock grant, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, for one of those employees in the midst of their sexual relationship; and that he was knowingly untruthful with McDonald’s investigators in 2019,” according to the complaint.

The popular company additionally offers more details on the incident that the McDonald’s board referenced in its statement declaring Easterbrook’s exit: a sexting relationship with an employee.”The investigation confirmed that the alleged relationship had occurred and revealed that it had been a non-physical, consensual relationship involving texting and video calls,” according to the complaint, which continued that the relationship lasted a few weeks.

Steve Easterbrook Sued by McDonald about a year after he was fired from McDonald’s in early November, Then immediately the company states the departure was linked to an internal probe into a consensual relationship with a coworker.

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