Rumor of Florida Georgia Line Breaking Up Just for Politics

There have been rumors of the Florida Georgia Line breaking up over politics. The musicians caused a stir online after briefly unfollowing each other on social media.

The two did already have a social media breakup. Tyler and his wife Hayley unfollowed Brian and his wife Brittney on Instagram. Somebody picked up on that, and the rumors spread like wildfire on the Internet.

As it got back to Tyler, he tried to calm things down by re-following Brian. However, how did this all began? It appears to be their political disagreements. Tyler tends to left; Brian doesn’t.

Brittney shared this in a current post, noting, “I never counted a difference of view in politics, in faith, in philosophy, as a reason for withdrawing from a friend.”

Despite current rumors, bandmates Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley stated that Florida Georgia Line is not done. The artists also addressed the reason why they temporarily unfollowed each other on social media, which had followers thinking about a break between the two of them.

Throughout an interview with SiriusXM’s Exit 209 with Storme Warren, Hubbard and Kelley called the 2020 presidential election as the point why the two of them had to take some space from each other.

Hubbard noted, “I unfollowed BK for a few days while the two of us were through this political, you know, in the middle of this election and everything going on.”

Hubbard described this by saying, “We’ve sat with each other and wanted to kill each other at times. However, by the end of it, we were hugging it out since we are brothers, and that’s what brothers do. And brothers don’t always get along.”

Florida Georgia Line Breaking Up Due to their Political Views


Originally published at on November 19, 2020.

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