Ray Dalio’s Son’s Mental Health May Cause his Fatal Accident

Ray Dalio’s son’s mental health may cause his fatal accident; Devon Dalio was killed. Hedge fund founder Ray Dalio’s son, Devon Dalio, 42, died in a car crash.

The family confirmed the death on Thursday afternoon. Some sources believe that his mental health problems caused the crash. His mental health problems reportedly led him not to control the car and crash a store.

According to Greenwich Police and Fire Chief Joseph McHugh, his Audi had crashed into a Verizon store at a shopping center and exploded. The Verizon store was largely destroyed.

According to Devon Dalio’s LinkedIn page, he worked as a project manager in Bridgewater Associates. According to the foundation’s tax filings, he also served as a board member of the Dalio Foundation.

Ray Dalio’s Son’s Mental Health: the Cause of his Death

Originally published at https://usdaynews.com on December 19, 2020.

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