Rapper Young Thug’s Sister’s Cause of Death Seems Suspicious

3 min readMar 26, 2023

Fans are trying to speculate Young Thug’s sister’s cause of death, while official sources reported that Angela Grier passed away on March 26, 2023, at the age of 33.

May she rest in heaven; Our thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones, family, and friends during these sad moments. Dolly White, his other sister, was the first one who confirmed the heartbreaking news of Angela Grier’s shocking death.

Young Thug has ten siblings, all raised by their mother in Atlanta, Georgia. Thug was born on August 16, 1991, in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the second youngest, born 10th of 11 siblings.

It is known that children have different biological fathers. Dorothea “Dora” Grier is the youngest of all the children. She and Young Thug share the same father, whose name is Jeffery Williams Sr. “Our mom had 11 kids, but being the two young kids, we experienced a lot of things together,” Dora opened up to Complex. “My father and my mom spent a lot of time teaching us stuff. We even made a theme song about the United States and seven continents, so we would always rap the States.”

It is not announced how old Angela Grier would have been, but she is older than Thug, who is 31 and some claimed she was 33 when she took her last breath.

Angela Grier is a mother to three children, Quendarious, Farderren, and Aniya Grier. Last summer, Farderren made headlines after he was charged with fatally shooting his girlfriend, Destiny Fitzpatrick. Farderren is still in jail.

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Rumors Are Following Young Thug’s Sister’s Cause of Death

While Young Thug’s sister’s cause of death is still unknown, some rumors are claiming that Angela Grier lost her life because of foul play and she did not die due to natural causes.

Our team does not confirm any rumors about the news, though you can be sure that we are attempting our best to find related information about the tragedy and provide the latest updates as soon as possible; but, do not forget that family privacy should be respected.

While Young Thug might be the most famous member of his family, his siblings are additionally finding success in the music industry. Unfoonk, real name Quintavious Grier, is Thug’s older brother. In 2019, Unfoonk was released from prison having served 11 years toward a life sentence for murder. A year after his release, he signed with his brother’s Young Stoner Life (YSL) Records.

Besides Hora and Angela, Young Thug has a sister named Alexis Grier. She goes by the name Dolly White and is additionally signed to YSL. They have a sister too; she is called Keisha Grier who keeps a low profile.

According to some reports, they had an older brother who lost his life when Thug was just a child. Their older brother was, unfortunately, shot to death outside the family home in Atlanta.

Since news of Angela Grier’s death was published, Dolly White has reposted condolences sent by friends about losing a “loved one” to her Instagram Stories, seemingly confirming a death in the family has occurred. She then shared a photo of Angela to her Instagram profile, with heartbroken emojis. Dora has posted about the loss of Angela too.

“Losing a love[d] one is the hardest pill to swallow,” fellow rapper Lil Gotit penned to Dolly. The mother of late rapper Lil Keed, Michelle Woods, also offered her condolences and “prayers” to Dolly White’s family.

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