One Dead, Five Others Shot in Party Shooting Los Angeles

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Monday, shooting started in a mansion party in LA. The party shooting Los Angeles famed Mulholland Drive on Monday left 1 dead. When someone opened fire, he injured several others; police reported Tuesday.

Monday, shooting started in a mansion party in LA.
Los Angeles Times

The victim was a 35-year-old woman who died at the hospital. Four more wounded during the incident. It was at about 1 a.m. PT at a rented mansion in the city’s Beverly Crest neighborhood, authorities said.

Two men and two women who were shot are expected to survive their wounds rather than the 35-year-old woman, police said. They were not immediately named and there were no immediate arrests.

“We’re treating this as gang-related based on some evidence that they’ve located. On top of that, social media also adds to the investigation,” LAPD Lt. Chris Ramirez told reporters at the scene on Tuesday morning.

Neighbors complained about noise and parked cars obstructing the roadway outside the rental home, according to Los Angeles Police Department officials.

Party shooting Los Angeles, noisy and harassing

That noisy and agitated atmosphere prompted the police to make their first response to the home Monday evening at about 6:30 p.m.

The party shooting Los Angeles was at a large gathering at a mansion in the upscale hillside neighborhood of Beverly Crest in the early morning hours Tuesday.

“For us that was the primary concern at the time, to make sure nobody gets killed on the streets,” Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Chris Ramirez said.

A news helicopter captured video of partygoers and a long queue of cars going up the home’s driveway, in addition to a party bus dropping guests at the event.

The shooting occurred at around 1:15 a.m. at a home in the 13200 block of West Mulholland Drive, the Los Angeles Fire Department details. In a video shared by one partygoer to Instagram, about 20 gunshots could be heard.

There appeared to be two rounds of gunfire

Following the second shooting in the Los Angeles party, there was chaos as people tried to run to safety.

All five victims were rushed to local hospitals, where one of the women died. The two others were in stable condition, Ramirez reported.

A fourth woman suffered a non-firearm-related wrist injury while escaping. Another man who was at the party checked himself into a local hospital, however, later checked out. No names were published.

There is no word on a motive that drove the shooter, although it is being treated as gang-related, Ramirez said. No suspects have been identified or arrested.

“When the officers arrived, they did notice large amounts of people on the roadway and vehicles kind of blocking, double-parked and stuff, stacked on the roadway,” Ramirez said.

“At that point, the officers met with the responsible party and security officers at that location. They were able to get their compliance, to help get the people back into the private party, and at the same time, did some enforcement.”

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