Maya Henry and Liam Payne Engaged After Two Years of Dating

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Maya Henry and Liam Payne got engaged after two years of dating. The singer has shared, “We’re just really happy.

Liam Payne engaged Maya Henry after two years

Engagement rumors first sparked last week after Maya, 20, was seen wearing a beautiful diamond ring while enjoying a meal with Liam, 26, at Novikov in London. Also, Payne held her hand outside the restaurant.

Payne and Henry were first romantically connected in August 2018, following Liam’s split from Cheryl Cole. The former relationship with the singer confirmed their romance in September 2019. Liam and Cole, 37, have a 3-year-old son whose name is Bear.

The couple met each other in September 2015, while Maya transformed into lucky enough to hold up a 1D meet and welcome. They first dated weeks after his long-time relation finished with Cheryl in 2018.

Maya Henry and Liam Payne engagement is released

Liam and Maya had been first seen together in August 2019, ensuring arms out on the town evening in Mayfair.

After that, they had been seen out playing a secret night out on the town time at an exceptional Bulgari hotel to have a good time the pop famous individual’s birthday.

In September 2019, Liam got Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp to talk about his new single, “Stack It Up,” and transformed into mentioned around his new seeking, in which he admitted his satisfaction about the blooming sentiment.

He said they are entirely fulfilled on occasion, and he is just past the factor in which he is upset or now no more. It’s currently not, indeed, definitely justified even despite my satisfaction. “I’ve were given nothing to cover up.”

He shared the basic emotional submit about his woman companion in September 2019, claiming she’s the reason for having the “biggest grin” all over.

Payne shared his congrats to his former band-mate

Payne’s former bandmate, Zayn Malik, expects his first child with girlfriend Gigi Hadid, a baby girl. Payne shared his congrats to Malik on his YouTube channel in May. “I just wanted to say congratulations to Zayn and Gigi, obviously, you know, they’re having a baby.”

Liam Payne congrats Zayn Malik’s baby
The Brag

Liam Payne and Maya Henry are happy together

He shared a submit on Instagram that this has been the most extreme astounding dispatch week to date. A big thanks to his group for help putting every last bit of it up and making it run smooth and, at that point, thanked Maya Henry for a rule of keeping up a smile all over through the entirety of the weight and causing him to perceive how ideal his reality is. I love all of you. How about we stack this nearby.

Maya responded that he is so satisfied with him, thus fulfilled together. The rendition, who’s supposedly making a series on transforming into a human appropriate or private property, legitimate proficiency when she completes college, mutual the equivalent submit on her Instagram, declaring.

The couple pointed to as time on their relationship in February 2020, expressing that they resolved to move their different strategies and wants to put it in their relation. He has been telling individuals he’s unmarried and is trying to what’s to come.

They stated that they are in reality regardless of a couple and are so fulfilled together.

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