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Man, 24, Found Guilty of Murdering and Dismembering Lorraine Cox

A 24-year-old man was found guilty of murdering Lorraine Cox and cutting her body into pieces in his flat above an Exeter kebab shop.

Lorraine Cox was murdered after a night out in Exeter on September 1 last year. Her body was left for a week in his apartment before the Murderer, Azam Mangori, "panicked" and cut her dead body into seven pieces. He hid the remain in bins and woodland near his home.

The Iraqi national was found guilty by a jury at Exeter Crown Court this afternoon of murdering an intoxicated woman. The court guessed that he suffocated Ms. Cox with her T-shirt, which was found in her mouth.

In order to pretend to Ms. Cox's family that she is alive and well, he used her sim card for few days.

Her family reported her missing to the police, and it led to a major police investigation in the city.

Witnesses living around the Bodrum Kebab House reported that they heard anything unusual on the night of the killing. Miss Cox was last seen backing home from a night out with her friends on that night.

Prosecutors reported that the Murderer and drunken victim had a "sexual encounter" in an alleyway before they went back to his flat.

Prosecutor Simon Laws QC said that Mr. Mangori had a "morbid interest in videos of people with amputations" and days before and after the murder had viewed this material.

Mr. Laws told the court: "Given the dates he viewed this material, you may think it is clear he was interested in the topic before he had any need for information.

"He did not have the dead body of Lorraine Cox in his room until a couple of days later. When he did, he performed a neat and professional amputation of her limbs," he said.

It was reported that Mangori bought items to dispose of her body. He also bought a trowel after checking a website entitled: "How to dig a grave by hand.

Mangori denied all the charges. He said that Miss Cox died suddenly after sex in his flat, having Been drinking and taking drugs.

He said that he was shocked when he discovered Miss Cox lying dead on the floor. "I just remember waking up, like it was a nightmare. I just freaked out when I saw her. I just dragged her on to my bed because she looked really cold."

"Deep down I knew she was dead, but I thought she would wake up," Mangori said.

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