LA Desert Communities Evacuation Issued as Winds Push Fire

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Strong winds push the fire into the mountains northeast of Los Angeles, Saturday. The desert communities evacuation ordered as residents lost their homes in the incident.

The desert communities evacuation ordered as residents lost their homes in the incident.
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The wildfire is burning in the LA for about two weeks, city fire officials to order a new evacuation. Homes were destroyed Friday as the fire had reached a Mojave Desert community.

In the meantime, officials report the death of a firefighter who lost his life on the line of duty. He died as of another Southern California wildfire popped earlier this month from smoke-generating pyrotechnic equipment a couple used to reveal their baby’s gender.

24 hours earlier, Pagan, 80, stood on a nearby hill, and the only thing could do to watch his house in Juniper Hills to fall in flares. “The ferocity of this fire was shocking. It burned my house alive in just 20 minutes,” he stated, shaking his head in grief.

California wildfire prompted desert communities evacuation

The Bobcat fire raged Friday as of intense winds. The erupted fire torched homes in the Antelope Valley and spreading in multiple directions.

Firefighters tried their best to protect the homes in the area of the increasing fire pushed by erratic winds towards foothill communities.

The community has about 4,000 residents that all have to evacuate the area, said fire spokesperson, Andrew Mitchell.

The death of the firefighter happened Thursday in San Bernardino National Forest. Fire crews were on duty to put the fire out in the El Dorado, the U.S. Forest Service stated.

when did the Wildfire start?

Due to reports from Los Angeles County, more than 1,300 firefighters have spent hours battling that blaze alone that started Sept. 6.

The wildfire has burned more than 112 square miles (290 square kilometers), doubling in size since the last week. It was 15% contained.

Saturday, the fire increased to 142 square miles (368 square kilometers). One important factor for the spread was when winds blew the flames into Juniper Hills.

Some residents fled before desert communities evacuation was ordered. When blowing embers sparked spot wildfires, some homes were hit, but some others spared.

Bridget Lensing was one of the residents who lost his home on Friday just after seeing on Twitter that a neighbor’s house three doors down were destroyed in flames.

“Everything around us is gone,” she said.

A couple at El Dorado Ranch Park using a device that was set off in a field started the fire, igniting dry grass. The couple frantically attempted to extinguish the fire by bottled water and called 911 afterward.

The couple could face criminal charges and be taken responsible for the cost of fighting the fire.

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