Katie Holmes with Emilio Vitolo Photographed While Kissing

2 min readSep 14, 2020

Katie Holmes with Emilio Vitolo photographed while kissing each other in New York City. Katie Holmes’s new boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo, is a restauranteur from NYC.

Katie Holmes with Emilio Vitolo photographed while kissing each other in New York City.

Actress Katie Holmes’s love life had always been in the press. She said that she wants to be a teenage girl in love and enjoying being kind to her new flame.

Katie Holmes kissed her boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo, when they were on a Manhattan street on Sunday after spending a long time together.

The 41-year-old actress is happy with Emilio Vitilo, and it seems that she pulled her 31-year-old boyfriend in for a smooch.

Katie Holmes wore a cream knit sweater and jeans with black suede boots for their Sunday date and carried a leather bag on one shoulder, and a black tote hung off her other arm.

Emilio Vitolo’s divorce from his fiancee and the day date with Katie Holmes is reported at the same time. He broke up with his wife by text when his romance with the Batman Begins star first emerged.

Katie Holmes with Emilio Vitolo spent the afternoon together

Katie Holmes with Emilio Vitolo is happier than ever. The couple spent the afternoon before the Emilio Vitolo headed to work.

The Dawson’s Creek arrived at the Emilio Vitolo’s apartment and spent five hours there before the couple left the residence.

Emilio Vitolo was driving Katie Holmes back to her home. He often did this activity and dropped her off before he walked to work and start his shift at his father's restaurant, Emilio’s Ballato.

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