Jasmine Tookes’ Engagement Ring, a 7-Carat From Juan Borrero

2 min readSep 25, 2020

Jasmine Tookes’ engagement ring has a 7-Carat diamond. This diamond ring is from her longtime boyfriend, Juan David Borrero.

Victoria Secret model Jasmine Tookes, 29, announced her engagement to Juan David Borrero, 30, in series of photos on Instagram. “Si, mi amor! ♥️,” she captioned the pictures, which appears to be the spot of their engagement.

Jasmine Tookes shared a close-up pic of her engagement ring, and a photo of rocks spell the letters “WYMM” (which stand for “will you marry me!”), and a final shot of her and her fiancé drinking with a glass of champagne on top of highlands.

The couple has been long dating since 2016, and recently celebrated Juan’s 30th birthday in June.

Jasmine Tookes’ engagement ring is valuable

Borrero popped the question with a custom Ritani ring, featuring a 7-carat oval-cut diamond set in 18kt yellow gold. The ring stars a hidden halo with diamond-embellished prongs. It also contains additional platinum prongs chosen for extra security and sits on a plain gold band. The ring is estimated at over $250,000.

Jasmine Tookes has been wearing pieces of the brand for many years, helping Borrero choose her go-to jeweler for her forever piece. The custom design, which Borrero created with Ritani gemologists’ help, took months to make every detail perfect.

“Jasmine has been a fan of Ritani for years,” Vice President of Revenue at Ritani said. She always uses Ritani for red carpet events. Also, her mother, celebrity stylist Cary Robinson, has used Ritani jewelry to dress high-profile clients.

Tookes works with fashion brands including Jimmy Choo, Calvin Klein, and most prominently, Victoria’s Secret. Walking in the brand’s fashion shows since 2012 and wearing the coveted $3 million Fantasy Bra down the 2016 Paris runway.

Juan David Borrero surprise his girlfriend

“It was a complete surprise!” Tookes says. She said she woke up at 9:00 a.m. to go for meetings with JOJA. After the meeting, he came downstairs and told her to pack her bags for a surprise trip for two hours.

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