Is Yatta Rapper Dead or Alive? His Death Rumor Broke

2 min readMar 27, 2021

Shocked fans widely ask: “Is Yatta rapper dead or alive?” after some developing rumors were posted on social media on March 27. 2021, claiming he passed away.

We can not confirm whether Yatta Rapper is dead or this story is just a rumor; therefore can not say for sure he is alive too. This is a developing story.

Yatta, born in the Sunnydale projects in San Francisco was a rapper from the Bay Area who serving a twelve year prison sentence.

He made a name for himself on the scene alongside Lil Yase with his first hit “Get It In”, sadly an attempted murder charge gave him a 12-year sentence not long after he started picking up buzz. In 2016 Yatta came to the center of attention a woman was killed as the result of collateral damage in a rap feud.

Towerside Gang member Mario Pittardz, who goes by Nasty-O, told the shooting was motivated by a lyric in one of Yatta’s songs accusing him of being a snitch: “Hey NastyO, I know about your little secret”.

Yatta has kept in touch with his fans on social media and publishing music from jail.

On August 17th, 2018 he dropped a Mac Dre type freestyle called “Tired” over the phone. All of his efforts have spawned the #FreeYatta movement among his supporters.

In March 2020, Yatta was featured in Drakeo The Ruler‘s new album, Free Drakeo. Rappers associated together on the “Fuck Being Humble” track. This album is Drakeo’s first one since his imprisonment and is a profile-raising look at his rise to folk hero status, culled mostly from scattered loosies released online from 2016 to 2018.

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