Investigating Vitamin C Impact on Covid19 by IV and FBI

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Investigating Vitamin C impact on Covid19 by IV and FBI investigators recently raided a medical building in metro Detroit to gather evidence about a claimed treatment being sold for COVID-19.

Investigating possible effect of vitamin C on coronavirus
Coding in the Wild

It looked like a drug head. But this wasn’t a rogue lab getting seized for illegal substances. Hope rather than proof multiplied the sale of antioxidants.

In this case, agents were investigating a suspected plan involving an essential nutrient found in orange juice, broccoli, and strawberries.

Vitamin C Impact on Covid19

Otherwise known as ascorbic acid, this powerful antioxidant has become the subject of possible treatment during the pandemic.

It’s also become more popular than ever, benefiting from different claims and beliefs about vitamin C Impact on COVID-19 despite not even having the power of curing a common cold.

Dr. Daniel Monti, the chair of Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University of Philadelphia said: “I am aware of no other nutrient that causes such emotion.”

Some claims were fake. “Researches show that high dose of Vitamin C is effective against COVID-19,” claimed a website because they lacked enough scientific evidence.

Why do the People believe Such Claims?

Such treatments are generally considered safe for patients to receive under usual medical oversight. But there are risks. They’re not scientifically proved. It means customers might spend their money on a service that may work or not.

It is a form of hope against the fear of the deadly coronavirus so that this hope has surged even though claims about its powers generally are unreliable, fake, or premature at best without more proof from experimental clinical tests.

Vitamin C still has its champions. Fitzpatrick connects his recovery from a prostate cancer examination in 2016 to a change in diet and the regular taking of high-dose vitamin C. He also continues to get 75 grams of IV therapy weekly because he said he believes it boosts his immune system and “keeps me healthy during COVID.”

Vitamin C “has not been studied with much rigor,” said Alexander Michels, research coordinator at the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, which studies the role of vitamins in human health. “The molecule, ascorbic acid, is not easy to work with and has properties that make it difficult to understand. Therefore, it has a long history of misunderstanding in the scientific community and medical practice.”

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