Golf Star, John Daly’s Cancer Shocks Fans! Pray for Miracle

The shocking news of a two-time major champion, John Daly’s cancer, was released

Is there any hope in the story of John Daly’s cancer?

But above all, he remains hopeful about his prognosis and potential recovery, and thinks there is a good chance of recurrence.

Daly’s bad lifestyle is going to be changed

He has faced with weight and alcohol problems during his career. John Daly is going to make some changes to increase the hope of helping his cancer fight.

A short biography of John Daly

  • John Daly was born on April 28, 1966, in Carmichael, California.
  • He also is known as “Long John,” “The Lion,” and “Wild Thing.”
  • Daly wins two major golf championships.
  • He is a Republican.
  • His famous quote is “ I learned you couldn’t drink Whiskey and play golf.”
  • Daly first married Dale Crafton in 1987, however, they divorced 3 years later,
  • Two years after his divorce, in summer, John and Bettye Fulford married and shared a dughter.
  • Following his wife’s death, he married Sherrie Miller on July 29, 2001.
  • In 2005, after a columnist wrote Daly “failed the scoundrel sniff test, Daly accused the Florida Times-Union of libel.



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