Full Video: Explosion at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor Plant

2 min readJul 16, 2020

Reportedly an explosion at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor plant has occurred. Thursday, A huge explosion was captured on video early morning.

The company’s media spokesperson could not immediately provide details on the incident.

The Burns Harbor Fire and EMS and Porter Fire Department were on the scene. Emergency agencies were called in to assist ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor’s internal fire department with fire elimination at the steel million on Lake Michigan, Burns Harbor Fire Chief William Arney reported.

“There were no injuries,” Arney said. “Everybody was accounted for and made it out safely. Fire is out and all fire units are back in service. The cause of the fire/explosion is still under investigation.”

The explosion occurred less than a year after a cyanide spill at the plant killed fish in the area and forced the closing of state beaches. Indiana, an explosion at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor sparked a fire and caused destruction to equipment near a blast furnace, officials said.

Photos of the explosion consequence show fire crews working to extinguish the flame, as well as wrapped metal damaged by the blast and rubble covering the ground nearby.

What caused the fire?

In a statement, Steers said the fire was caused by a stove dome failure, and the furnace was safely taken offline.

“We are thankful there are no injuries as a result of the incident. We are creating a timeline for repairs and the company does not anticipate any impact on our ability to meet customer demand,” Steers stated.

“Explosion rocked the whole power station,” a steelworker off-camera is heard in the video. “This has been going on for five minutes now.”

“One of the biggest bombs in Northwest Indiana, folks,” another eyewitness steelworker stated.

This story is developing. Check back later on this page for updates.

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