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3 min readOct 9, 2021

Official sources sadly announced the fatal epidemic finally became Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chairman Chito Gascon’s cause of death soon after he passed away on Saturday (October 9, 2021) at the young age of 57. May he rest in paradise.

The heartbreaking news has been confirmed by his brother, Miguel Gascon, in a statement released on Saturday, writing, “a dami mong laban, sa COVID pa tayo na talo! Love you, Kuya! (In all the battles you fought, we had to lose you to COVID. I love you, brother!).”

CHR spokesperson Jacqueline De Guia additionally came to confirm Gascon’s death in a text message, saying, “Yes, he passed away.” The tragedy occurred while The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, which Gordon chairs, is still reviewing the government’s alleged ill-usage of pandemic funds.

Gascon was a lawyer named as chairman of the CHR throughout the term of ex-President Benigno Aquino III in 2015 and whose term was deemed to expire on May 5, 2022.

Before it, he was a bold member of the Human Rights Victims Claims Board, a quasi-judicial body formed in 2013 during Republic Act 10368, which attempts to process the reparation of victims of human rights abuses throughout the martial law under the administration of ex-President Ferdinand Marcos.

He fought the Marcos dictatorship as a student leader and activist.

COVID Announced as Chito Gascon’s Cause of Death, People Reacted

Celebrities’ death news always breaks many hearts; however, fans kindly remember memories, and their idols are alive in their hearts even after death.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Chito Gascon’s family, friends, fans, and all of his loved ones on these challenging days. You can also leave a condolence message below the comment box to honor him.

The chairman of the Commission on Human Rights, lawyer, and activist Jose Luis Martin “Chito” Gascon died early this Saturday morning (October 9) due to Covid-19 complications.

Soon after the heartbreaking news was released, many of Gascon’s friends and fans expressed their sadness on social media by posting their tributes:

Someone wrote, “Truly honored to have met him during my @ukinphilippines days and undoubtedly one of the @CheveningFCDO ‘s best PH alumni. Rest in Power, Chito Gascon.”

Another said, “Have seen Mr. Chair Chito Gascon only from afar during my short stint of internship at the Commission of Human Rights (CHR) last year. Never the chance to meet & greet him in person. Rest in power. We’ll continue the unwavering fight for democracy, human rights & the rule of law.”

A fan announced, “I was a freshman in UP when Chito Gascon (Nagkaisang Tugon) and Kiko Pangilinan (Samasa) were vying for SC Chairmanship…the level of intellectual discourse was over the top…a good start for me. Thank you, Sirs.”

Another tweeted, “The AFP extends its sincerest condolences to the family of CHR Chair Chito Gascon. His tireless work further pushed the AFP to advocate and abide by the principles of human rights and International Humanitarian Law. We pray for strength for his loved ones in these difficult times.”

Gascon was survived by his wife and minor daughter.

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