Defender of Sarajevo Jovan DivJak’s Cause of Death Revealed

Former Bosnian army general's death news is spreading on social media. Jovan Divjak's cause of death has revealed after his death on April 8. May he rest in power.

Jovan Divjak, who was best known as a Bosnian army general and defended Sarajevo during an infamous 44-month siege, passed away on Thursday in the Bosnian capital. He was 84.

While many people are asking about Divjak's cause of death, his organization said that the former officer of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) died after a "long illness." US day News is searching to obtain more details and provide the latest update, so stay up with us.

Following the tragic News, fans and supporters reacted to the News and paid tribute to the Champion of a multi-ethnic Bosnia. US day News' thoughts and prayers are with Divjak's family, friends, and all of his loved ones at this tough time.

Jovan Divjak, who was born on March 11, 1937, in Belgrade, fought for the Bosnian army during the devastating 1990s inter-communal conflict that tore the former Yugoslavia.

When the conflict broke out in Sarajevo in April 1992, General Divjak was a member of the Bosnian territorial defense force. After a short time, Divjak joined the ranks of defenders of Sarajevo.

During the devastating war, nearly 10,000 inhabitants were killed.

"It was natural to be with those who were attacked, who did not have weapons.", Divjak, a retired Yugoslav army officer, said in 2017, rejecting the "good Serb" label.

"The idea of a multi-ethnic Bosnian army had won me over," the general added.

In 2006, Jovan Divjak received the title of Universal Peace Ambassador by the Worldwide Council of the Universal Ambassador Peace Circle in Geneva.

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