Chris Taylor Brown’s Parler: Did Trapt Fired Lead Singer?

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Rumors have been swirling the internet that Chris Taylor Brown’s Parler post led to his dismissal, but has Trapt really fired lead singer Chris Taylor Brown after a viral Parler post?

A post on Parler, which was a new social media platform that is massively connected with right-wing supporters, hinted that the band had kicked lead singer Chris Taylor Brown out.

An account named @TraptParler shared a status revealing that the band was parting ways and its reasons. “Sadly, there were some viewpoints that were stated that we do not agree with, and it was negatively affecting the rest of the group.”

They thanked their fans as they wished Chris well and hoped he could find the help he needs. The post continued, “To our fan (sic): Thank you for the support that you have all given us through these times.”

“We will now be concentrating on only given updates for the group on our social media accounts. You may still find his views and ideas on his accounts if you wish.”

The post concluded, “To the ‘trolls’: We have heard you and are sorry we let this to go on for so long. We would like to begin fresh and hope you can forgive us and take another chance at hearing our music in the future.”

Trapt Post View Points Following Chris Taylor Brown’s Parler

It’s surely been a memorable few weeks for Trapt. After Chris shared a pro-Proud Boys post on social media, Trapt’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were removed. Then, more lately, the singer found himself in hot water with Twitter.

Although there’s no confirmation in the post regarding what viewpoints are being referred to, Trapt’s Twitter account has caused stirs in recent months.

The lead singer reacted to the post by the band’s account, saying, “Wow…are you joking?? What the f*** do the pies think they are going to be able to achieve without me as their singer? Well, they are going to have to change their name. Good luck getting another singer as good as me! Stupid b*es!”

Chris also posted a screengrab of the account, which was blocking him, and wrote, “Pes! Now, I will sue every single one of you, best!” Last month, the Trapt Twitter account drew reaction for tweets addressing relationships between male students and female teachers.

It said, “Well, I would be giving the kid high fives! but Only if the teacher was hot though,” before relating that he definitely wouldn’t feel the same whether it was a female student and male teacher or not.”

Pro-Trump Dispute and Anti-Semitic Perspectives

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