Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin’s Baby Girl News Announced

2 min readSep 23, 2020

Bindi Irwin’s baby girl news has excited the fans. Bindi and her Husband Chandler Powell announced the gender of their child. Bindi, 22, is the daughter of late wildlife expert Steve Irwin. She announced the news about god blessing her with a child last month.

Bindi Irwin baby girl news has excited the fans.

Bindi revealed their baby’s gender with her husband, Chandler, in an Instagram post on Tuesday. She shared a photo of her and her husband beside an Aldabra tortoise.

In that social media post, she is hugging a tortoise as her husband shows a picture of the baby scan. There were also pink flowers around them.

She said she wanted the fans to be with them on this journey after the pregnancy news last month. The couple can’t wait to see her come to their life next year.

Bindi Irwin baby girl news blessed their family

Robert, Bindi’s younger brother, said could not wait to meet his niece. Terri Irwin, Bindi’s mother, said that it was the best day of her life. Both Terry and Robert attended their small wedding on March 25.

She wished that her husband could be there to hear this wonderful news. She wanted Steve to share a moment with his beautiful granddaughter. Steve Irwin died at the Great Barrier Reef around Queensland in 2006.

Steve and his cameraman sank into the waters on September 4. According to the cameraman, Justin Lyons, a very large stingray came towards Irwin. Lyons saw Irwin as he was getting stabbed several times.

The stingray got away and he didn’t even know that Irwin was wounded. It was clear only after Justin moved the camera back. Steve was known as the Crocodile Hunter. Steve was quiet at those moments. He was not worried or scared as he knew he would not last. His last words were “I am dying”. He was so calm.

Chandler Powell also posted the same picture and noted that their baby girl and his gorgeous wife were everything he wanted from this life. He said he could not wait for their baby girl to arrive next year and watch her grow up.

The couple appreciated the fans and let them know that they were also a part of this journey. They asked for any good advice and support for their little angle.

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