BurgerKing Customer Shot & Killed Delayed Worker, Florida

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BurgerKing customer shot and killed a delayed worker in Florida. The Burger King employee has died after a being shot by a man frustrated at how long it took to make a woman’s order.

BurgerKing employee killed by angry customer

Two stories of violence toward Burger King employees in a matter of hours. (Read the second below.)

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the shooting took place at around 7:30 p.m. when the drive-thru of the fast-food chain was undergoing entrance of customers.

Desmond Joshua, 22, died in the parking lot at the fast-food restaurant in Orange County, Orlando.

According to witness testimony, while employees were answering customers’ orders, a woman became angry after waiting in the drive-thru for longer than usual.

She got out of her car and yelled she would have “her man” come to the restaurant to sort out the problem after she was paid her USD$40 (NZD$60) and told to leave.

The woman left before returning in a white truck with a 37-year-old man, Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes, ordering the employee to fight him.

Rodriguez-Tormes held Joshua in a headlock and started choking him, only stopping when a witness interrupted, according to video footage recorded at the scene.

Rodriquez-Tormes then went to his truck and got a gun which he threatened Joshua with, reportedly saying “you got two seconds before I shoot you,” before firing his weapon. After a moment BurgerKing customer shot and left the scene with the black sedan.

Joshua was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died. He had only been working at the restaurant for a couple of days.

Police arrested and charged Rodriguez-Tormes with murder, destruction of evidence, and possessing a gun as a convict.

The police have since interviewed Rodriguez-Tormes and the woman who complained about the service at the Burger King restaurant. Records show that after the incident, the suspect took apart the gun used in the shooting and placed it “in a location which cannot be located.”

Angry customer slapped BurgerKing worker in Pennsylvania

A 21-year-old man named Austin Addison has been charged and fired from his job after a viral video showed him chiding and then slapping a Burger King employee at a Pennsylvania restaurant.

police said Addison was arrested after a video became viral on social media which showed him screaming in the face of a restaurant employee.

While the video did not capture the entire incident, it appeared that the customer was angry about the actions of a worker who was not seen on camera, blaming her for robbery and threatening to have her locked up for the rest of her life.

As the Burger King worker on camera began to warn the customer that his actions were on camera, the man who identified as Addison was seen giving an open-handed slap to the man’s face, surprising him. Addison then walked out the door as the short clip ended. (There are some obscene language and violence.)

By the time local authorities identified the person seen delivering the slap, the footage had captured viral attention, racking up hundreds of thousands of views online. Many shared it in the hope of identifying the person attacking the Burger King employee.

There was no further comment from either police or the company, which in the past has shown support for employees who have come under attack.

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