Billie Eilish Lost 100K Followers! Do Nude Images Worth It?

3 min readDec 29, 2020

The “Bad Guy” singer is the latest star to join the viral “post a photo of” Instagram challenge. Billie Eilish has lost 100K followers back sharing drawings of a woman’s bare breasts in the “Post a Picture Of” Instagram challenge.

Responding to fan requests to share the image of her lock screen and a drawing that she’s proud of, Billie Eilish posted a picture of two topless women and a set of drawings of a woman’s naked breasts enclosed by sketches of snakes captioning, “these probably lol I love boobs.”

A brief time later, it resembled that the 19-year-old superstar’s Instagram following dropped by around 100,000 — from 73 million followers to its current count of 72.9 million followers- and a fan remarked the dip.

Not only Billie Eilish but also Halsey is in trouble after joining the “Post a Picture Of” Instagram challenge. Halsey’s eating disorder photo was shared and although the singer insisted that there are “positive intentions” behind it, frenzy on social media forced her to apologize!

Billie Eilish Lost 100K Followers; Thus, Is She Sorry?

Instead of confessing or taking down the apparently offensive posts, the “ Therefore I Am “ singer screenshotted and reposted the tweet of the side-by-side comparison of her follower number to her Instagram Story captioning, “LMFAOOO y’all babies smh,” with two skull emoji.

To be fair, Eilish has plenty of other stuff to think about these days, as she celebrated her 19th birthday on December 18 and, a few days later, declared a “new era” for her forthcoming sophomore album, which will release only if fans stop bothering her about her hairstyle.

“OK, I have a fun story to tell you,” Billie said in her Instagram Story. “But first, f-k you guys. Stop making fun of me, oh my god! I’m f-king making you an album. I will not put it out if you keep making fun of my hair! Shut up!”

Of course, she was joking, but she did note that fans can expect her to adjust her signature black and green hairstyle, ensuring that it will get a makeover when her Apple TV+ doc Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry drop in February.

Of course, users unfollowing the famous young singer for alluding to her sexuality on her own terms highlights the binary standards she faces as a woman in the spotlight.

Eilish has been continuously critiqued over her style and affection for baggy clothing, with people assuming she should wear more form-fitting styles. However, once she does, she’s immediately shamed for her appearance.

People React to Billie Eilish Sharing Nude Images

People are surprised, but mad at Billie after sharing nude images and criticized her on social media. Still, they really had different reactions.

“if it was children following this is inappropriate she probably should have put a warning saying grafic content next slide or warning nudity Instagram has 13 year olds some parents just don’t think itsappropriate personally I don’t care I’m bi lol but yeah”, a user tweeted.

“She would easily recover these amount of followers in hardly short amount of time”. another user wrote.

“Well they have a choice to not want to see nudity. Billie here should learn to respect that, right?,” a user expressed his idea.

“it’s literally just drawings of body parts my brain doesn’t understand why it’s a big deal,” a fan tweeted.

“they’re literally boobs, couldn’t be me, i love them”, another fan reacted.

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