Auschwitz Author Eddie Jaku’s Death at 101; Holocaust Survivor — US day News

1 min readOct 12, 2021

We are sad to announce the passing of a Holocaust survivor at 101. Auschwitz author Eddie Jaku’s death news has broken people’s hearts all around the world.

The author of “ The Happiest Man on Earth “ was an internship at Auschwitz concentration camp who was sleeping on a hard wooden board when he was in his early 20s. His parents were murdered in the gas chamber in Auschwitz during the Holocaust.

Despite Jewish people being viewed as sub-human within the country, Eddie Jaku continued his education in engineering and manufacturing with a fake name in a prestigious school as the build-up to World War 2 grew in scope within Germany.

Eddie Jaku would have been murdered at Auschwitz. However, he had critical technical skills his captors needed, the technical skills required to produce critical manufacturing components for the German war machine was the reason he wasn’t murdered by the Nazis.

His technical skills literally led him to survive. After living more than 100 years, he considers himself to be the happiest man on Earth.

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