Are the Allegations of Alexander Wang’s Sexual Assault True?

4 min readDec 31, 2020

The Revered fashion stylist Alexander Wang is blamed for sexual assault over various models, most of them unnamed, just a few days following he celebrated his 37th birthday.

The vast wave of allegations raised on December 11, while Owen Mooney, graphic designer, and model, reacted to TikTok’s popular prompt that questioned, “What is your weirdest seeing a celebrity in public experience,” to which he replied, “Being sexually assaulted by one counts, right?”

Owen then described a disturbance in 2017 when he and a group of mates went to see the rapper Cupcakke ‘s performance at a club in New York City. He professes a “really famous fashion designer” began “touching me up” his leg and crotch.

Though Owen didn’t mention the designer’s name, he later approved a follow-up video on December 13 that he was speaking about Alexander Wang. “It made me freeze completely,” Owen revealed. “I just couldn’t believe he was doing that to me.”

Alexander Wang is not the only person who’ve been viral on social media these days. Billie Eilish lost 100K followers back sharing drawings of a woman’s bare breasts in the “Post a Picture Of” Instagram challenge.

Owen Mooney Opens Up About Alexander Wang’s Sexual Assault

Owen Mooney’s story was reposted by Diet and ShitModelManagement Prada, two Instagram accounts whose purpose is to prove negligence in the fashion industry. In answer to Mooney’s video, many users messaged the accounts anonymously with added accusations toward Wang.

“Male and trans models are often overlooked in the conversations of sexual assault in the modeling industry, but not today,” SMM composed in a caption with several screenshots of the users’ direct messages. “We can’t let famous people get away with sexual assault just because they’re on a pedestal. They need to be held accountable just like every other abuser.”

One of the unknown accusers declared to SMM that their straight friend did a modeling work and ended up partying with Wang following the gig, where he “kept offering my friend drinks.”

They claim that the next thing their friend could remember is being in a room with Wang, and he had taken off his trousers and was “making him touch him and was trying to make him give him” oral sex. “He ended up pushing him away and walking out the door. He has been scarred ever since,” men conclude.

SMM Shares the Accusers Allegations

Another unnamed accuser alleged that a friend of theirs, who is a trans man, was given MDMA (or water laced with molly) without permission. A different person, who alleges they are bipolar, also claimed that Wang slipped them MDMA, which they allege sent them to the hospital “for weeks and ruined my career.”

SMM also shared stories of different accusers with similar declarations, including allegations of Wang forcefully asking people to drink alcohol before professedly assaulting them.

One unnamed accuser alleged that he roofied two of their friends in 2014. Another one, a trans person, claimed to have their genitals exposed by Wang while under the control of MDMA without their permission. Another blamed him for raping their friend in an undefined incident.

Mooney later gave Insider a statement that all he wants is for incidents of victims to be revealed.

“With everything that has come to light, I want the focus to be on the many allegations pouring in after I shared my story,” Mooney said. “Although what happened to me was unacceptable, the stories being told by other victims is the reason why I have gone public.”

Further accusations were gathered by SMM and shared in a developing Twitter thread.

The Allegations of Alexander Wang’s Sexual Assault Are Not New

Sources have been incapable of verifying the identities of the accusers to investigate their claims. A request for comment from Wang’s spokespeople has gone unnoticed at the time this story was announced.

It should also be remarked that accusations against Wang aren’t totally new.

Last year, rapper Azealia Banks highlighted allegations of sexual assaults from trans women toward Wang by giving a screenshot of an alleged victim who alleged that Wang and interior designer Ryan Korban hit her.

The victim alleged that a gay man claimed that Wang raped him upon sharing her story on Facebook.

Since the recent accusations surfaced, Model Alliance, one of the rare policy groups in the United States that have championed legislation to defend the safety of models, spoke out in the victims’ comfort.

“We at the Model Alliance stand in solidarity with those who have shared accusations of sexual abuse by Alexander Wang,” Model Alliance’post reads. “Let’s be clear: The fashion industry’s lack of transparency and accountability leaves all models vulnerable to abuse, regardless of their sex and gender identity.”

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