Are the Allegations of Alexander Wang’s Sexual Assault True?

Owen Mooney Opens Up About Alexander Wang’s Sexual Assault

Owen Mooney’s story was reposted by Diet and ShitModelManagement Prada, two Instagram accounts whose purpose is to prove negligence in the fashion industry. In answer to Mooney’s video, many users messaged the accounts anonymously with added accusations toward Wang.

SMM Shares the Accusers Allegations

Another unnamed accuser alleged that a friend of theirs, who is a trans man, was given MDMA (or water laced with molly) without permission. A different person, who alleges they are bipolar, also claimed that Wang slipped them MDMA, which they allege sent them to the hospital “for weeks and ruined my career.”

The Allegations of Alexander Wang’s Sexual Assault Are Not New

Sources have been incapable of verifying the identities of the accusers to investigate their claims. A request for comment from Wang’s spokespeople has gone unnoticed at the time this story was announced.



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