Anthony Michael Hall Apologized Over Berserk on People in Pool

2 min readAug 13, 2020


Anthony Michael Hall apologized over berserk on people at the hotel pool in Austin, Texas.

Anthony Michael Hall apologized over flipping out on people at hotel pool
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Anthony Michael Hall got weird in a hotel pool and the video shows him acting aggressive and impolite but now he has apologized.

He was with his wife and his friend Wednesday afternoon at the South Congress Hotel pool and had a movable speaker and a bottle of something.

According to the people, the ’80s movie star was being rude and displeasing from the get-go — blasting his music, disturbing other guests, and blaspheming kids.

He was asked to tone it down but according to the video, Anthony didn’t respond kindly to their request and started yelling, making it clear he didn’t care what they thought about his behavior, and blaming them for being in the wrong.

Anthony Michael Hall apologized of going berserk on people

The incident records show Anthony cursing and splashing water in the direction of the person filming, Rosie O’Donnell. It is said that hotel security was called during the argument, so Anthony ended up leaving the pool area.

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