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American author, seminary professor, and well-known theologian social justice activist, Ron Sider, unfortunately, passed away last night on July 27, 2022, at the age of 82.

May the amazing man rest in peace; we send our deepest sympathies to his loved ones.

Ron Sider who was a famous author and evangelical social justice activist took his last breath at 82 and the heartbreaking news was confirmed via an online update from his son.

The statement of Ted Snider was shared on his father’s Substack newsletter website, writing, “I have some bad news: my father Ron Sider died suddenly last night (July 27), of a cardiac arrest,” T” Please join our family in grieving for him.”

An unforgettable professor at Palmer Theological Seminary, Sider is remembered for his 1977 book, “ Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger: Moving from Affluence to Generosity,” and for establishing Christians for Social Action, which aims to mobilize evangelicals and other Christians to put their belief to work in help of the everyday good.

“The big lie of contemporary advertising is that we get to love and joy and fulfillment through things,” said beloved Ron in 2004 as he was finishing his fifth edition of that book. He added, “Every religion in the world knows and says we get joy and fulfillment through right relationships with God and neighbor.”

Christians for Social Action was motivated by “The Chicago Declaration of Evangelical Social Concern,” a 1973 manuscript that “specifically called for a rejection of racism, economic materialism, economic inequality, militarism, and sexism,” based on a history shared on the organization’s website. Initially launched as Evangelicals for Social Action, the group was renamed in September 2020 to Christians for Social Action.

Ron Sider Passed Away, Great Personalities Reacted

Ron Sider passed away but his worthful works keep him alive in our minds and hearts. He was a critical facilitator of the born-again exited that appeared in the 1970s while lived to visit American evangelicals who largely turned away from problems such as war, racism, and imbalance.

He resumed to try, nevertheless, and became, as a Christianity Today author once described it, the “burr in the ethical saddle” of the white evangelical horse.

Ron came to add, “Salvation is a lot more than just a new right relationship with God through the forgiveness of sins. It’s a new, transformed lifestyle that you can see visible in the body of believers,” he said. “Sin is a biblical category. Given a careful reading of the world and the Bible and our giving patterns, how can we come to any other conclusion than to say that we are flatly disobeying what the God of the Bible says about the way he wants his people to care for the poor?”

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