After Five Days, Escaped Arizona Inmates Captured in Coolidge

3 min readJan 28, 2021


The two escaped Arizona inmates are finally captured in Coolidge; the five-days escaped inmates were apprehended on Thursday morning, sources reported. Still, it took five days, and people were frightened. Why was it so hard to find them?

The Coolidge Police Department announced it, along with U.S. Marshal officers, exerted David Harmon and John Charpiot into jail around 9 a.m. after getting hints from two citizens.

Officials searching for the escapees had said they concluded they were still in the Florence state prison area. Coolidge is about 10 miles west of Florence, Pinal County.

Before their arrest, Charpiot and Harmon were last estimated for at 4 p.m. Saturday. Both were missing for the 8:30 p.m. count.

Authorities awarded prizes of $35,000 each for news leading to their capture.

Despite the good news we just shared with you, It’s so sad that Pakistan’s Supreme Court surprisingly ordered to release on Thursday Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl’s killer and kidnapper. Americans are confused by this unjust decision.

The Escaped Arizona Inmates Who Already Captured are Pretty Dangerous

Harmon was convicted to 100 years in prison for not only kidnapping but also second-degree burglary. The man was admitted to jail in 2012.

Charpiot, whose jail term started in 2011, was sentenced for child molestation and sexual abuse to 35 years.

Also, the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry stated apprehending them was its best priority.

According to officials, they broke into a tool hut by knocking down an air conditioning block and breaking through a wall.

They could obtain wire snips, a bolt cutter, and other items and used them to hit the fence. The two were later recorded on security footage trying to rob a business in Florence.

A day before, the Austin Police Department announced two of the doctors were found dead following the Austin, Texas hostage situation that endured more than six hours at a doctor’s office, 1900 block of West 35th Street, Central Austin.

Americans React to Escaped Arizona Inmates Capture

Through the five past days, people were confused and frightened of two dangerous escaped inmates were walking around them. Now that they’re arrested, they are reacting.

“The fuc**n inmates got captured 10 miles away from Florence in Coolidge & I just wanna say I knew they weren’t far.” a user said “Fu**in idiots. Escape from prison & get sent back”

“I think it was the lack of people are the quality of people monitoring those sensors.” another user wrote.

“Good job! Two escaped Florence prison inmates captured in Coolidge.” An American woman was happy to feel safe, again.

“The inmates who escaped the state prison in Florence on Saturday have been captured.” the Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, tweeted, “This is all thanks to our incredible law enforcement personnel and public safety officials. Thank you for your work to track down these dangerous individuals and protect Arizonans!”

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