5 Members of Elyria Family Found Dead; Three Were Students

3 min readJul 30, 2020

Elyria family found dead in a family murder-suicide attempt; All five members declared dead. Three children of family members between the ages of 6 and 12 were killed Tuesday.

Elyria family found dead in a family murder-suicide attempt;

Wednesday morning, siblings are among Elyria City Schools students, who found dead in a home at 537 Willow Park Rd. “This devastating news has deeply shaken our staff and school community,” the district said in a Facebook post.

“It is with great sadness that we share this tragic news,” Elyria Mayor Frank Whitfield said in a press release. “This has been a challenging year — to say the least. Never did we imagine having to share the news that we’ve lost one of Elyria’s families in this way.”

Reportedly from a children’s cousin, father and mother lived in the home with their three kids. Elyria lies roughly 30 miles southwest of Cleveland.

All 5 members of the Elyria family found dead in apparent murder-suicide

When the father didn’t show up for work his boss came to check on him and when no one answered the door he knew something wasn’t right. Ben Runyon is still working to piece together how he lost five family members overnight.

Elyria police officers reported the Elyria family found dead when they went to the home around 8 a.m. Wednesday to check on the welfare of the family.

Elyria family found dead in a family murder-suicide attempt;

Reports from door to door neighbors

“He was you know quiet, family-oriented,” Runyon said of his cousin. “All this is a shock. I don’t understand it. The police aren’t talking to anyone. They were trying to get a hold of his mother and I haven’t talked to her yet but I’ve talked to pretty much everyone else in the family and no one knows what’s going on.”

“I know they were trying to get out of this neighborhood and move out to the country somewhere and he just wanted to stay busy with the kids and keep them out of trouble so none of this is making any sense, were just lost right now,” Runyon said.

“They were a typical family. They kept the three kids busy. They were in baseball and volleyball and soccer and ballet. There were two boys and a girl and the wife worked as a nurse and he worked down the road at a plastic bag factory and he lived here his entire life. He was 44 years old.”

“I thought it was fireworks at first, but it was gunshots. My husband jumped up out of bed, he said those were gunshots,” replied Renetta Hubbard.

Hubbard is their neighbor who has lived next door for more than 20 years.

“I just feel so bad that maybe if I would’ve called yesterday, I could’ve saved somebody,” Hubbard said with tears.

Another neighbor said her 12-year-old daughter was the same age as their daughter and they would play together in the family’s back yard.

“Very sad,” said Josalyn Woolfork. “Very sad, you just never know what people are going through.”

Woolfork also stated she had seen the couple fighting outside lately and in some cases, the wife would leave but she never thought much of it.

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