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Three adult men killed in Polk County triple homicide. All were found dead with an upper-body wound in Frostproof by the Polk County Sheriff’s office.

Three adult men killed in Polk County triple homicide.
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Saturday morning, the sheriff’s office reported the three men were fishing on Lake Streety and called investigation for the triple homicide.

All three men were fishing at Lake Streety off US Hwy 27 just before being killed. Now Polk County deputies are investigating the case. The massacre occurred during 3 close friends were on a fishing trip.

According to Grady Judd reports, his agency considered the suspect or suspects were killing Damien Tillman and at the time two of his friend showed up and were shot and killed consequently.

The sheriff’s office is asking for help to find whoever did this. Judd concluded his statements as saying there is more than one killer. There is a $5,000 reward for info leading to an arrest.

Rollins and Springfield arrived together a short time later Tillman was murdered in a separate pickup truck. Rollins’s father promptly headed to the scene, but in his hurry, left his cell phone.

Polk County triple homicide victims were fishing before death

The father was abruptly able to speak to his son and obtained some information before Rollins yielded to injuries and lost his life.

Sheriff Grady Judd was said to speak the media at 9:30 a.m. however, has since postponed the start of the news conference by nearly 45 minutes.a

It happened on Lake Streety Road and US 27 on Friday night around 10 p.m. The scene is remote, and PCSO has a mobile command center set up.

This is all the information the Polk County Sheriff’s Office has released for the Polk County triple homicide at this time.

The three men, named as Brandon Rollins, 27, Kevin Springfield, 30, and Damon Tillman, 23, all had the upper-body injury.

Judd said Rollins was able to call his father and ask for help before that occurred. Though it’s not yet clear what exactly happened there. “This scene ranks among the worst I’ve seen in my entire career,” Judd spoke.

If you have any information you are asked to call CrimeStoppers at 1–800–226-TIPS (8477).

Due to Florida’s Marsy’s law, names are typically not released; but the names were approved for release by the families.

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